Dena grew up in the Pacific Northwest in a loving family. She spent most of her youth exploring outside — letting her imagination run wild.

She grew up in the church — literally — her family attended most every Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday i.e. anytime the doors were open. When she was 17 they started attending a different church and that was when Jesus became "real" — not just a nice guy with 12 friends who taught cool stuff. A serious illness two years later found Dena making a deal with God: "Heal me and I'm yours — every bit — I'll go wherever, whenever." God did and she has.

Fast forward to age 33 and we find Dena jobless, single, with a mortgage, bills, car payment, and having to change careers (a rock-climbing injury ultimately derailed her employment as a Physical Therapist). A ream of resumes had been sent, no job offer received, and the horizontal light dim, until rēp — a small missional organization based in San Francisco — entered the scene.

Going against all worldly convention she went through rēp's training program and journeyed to South Africa — and her world changed. She signed up for a two week trip and stayed twelve.

Dena always possessed the gift of turning everyday life circumstances into amusing stories — mostly related orally to her friends and family. But South Africa is where the anecdotes started finding their way onto paper in the form of trip updates. When she returned stateside, her supporters clamored for more and strongly encouraged her to blog. They enjoy the way she is able to use humor, coupled with extraordinary insights, to bring life to commonplace everyday happenings, scripture passages and verses. Since then, Dena has kept a blog using rēp, international travel, everyday occurrences and other happenings as "material" for her ever growing audience.

She hopes her insight, wit, and poignancy will bring people to view God as the loving, benevolent being he is — and that they will walk away with something to ponder, consider, and contemplate as they go throughout their day.

Currently, Dena works as an administrator / executive secretary for an international advisement firm and is based in a small town just outside San Francisco — where she is always looking for new experiences and fresh perspectives to enliven her atypical view of life.
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