Thursday, March 26, 2015

Smoke and Mirrors

“Children, you belong to God, and you have defeated these enemies. God's Spirit is in you and is more powerful than the one that is in the world.” 1 John 4:4

View of Hood Canal and Olympic Mountain Range, WA from TM Manor

There is a story of a man awakened by a noise. He opens his eyes to see satan standing at the foot of his bed, smoke emanating, fire pulsating, eyes glowing red in the darkness. His response? “Oh, it is just you.” then rolls onto his side and falls back to sleep.

Satan is out to steal from us, destroy all we hold near and dear, and to kill us (figuratively and literally). He will use any means, method and minion in his control and command to make this happen. He will orchestrate circumstances to our demise; seed thoughts and dissension to cause disunity and disorder; he will block, obstruct, hinder, frustrate, complicate, barricade, impede and hamper. He is a menace, nuisance, troublemaker, overall annoyance and ultimate pest.

And we are just the collateral. We are not the main target – God is. Satan is a bit miffed about being kicked out of heaven and losing his position, power and privilege.  He wants to hurt God’s heart and knows God loves us – hurt us, maim us, deceive us – and satan achieves his aim. 

McFarland – USA has a scene perfectly illustrating this point. It is Julie’s 15th birthday party, her Quinceanera. She is robed in a golden party dress, tiara resting on her beautifully styled hair, nails and makeup done to perfection - she looks like the princess she is. The party culminates with a celebratory drive. She is in the backseat of the lead car. They are attacked, the driver is stabbed and rushed to the hospital and Julie is left leaning against a concrete wall, bloodied, bruised, overwhelmed and crying.  She had entered a war she knew nothing about and was caught in the cross fire of destruction, revenge, vengeance and retaliation.

This is a vivid portrayal of how satan views us.  He doesn't care what he upsets; he is just out to hurt God. He doesn’t care about collateral damage or who thinks what after the incident. If he caused harm, destruction, disunity and hurt in any form – he counts the attack as successful.

Andrew Womack has a three part sermon series entitled “Anger Management.” In it he states we have no right to be mad at God (that’s like an 18 month old being angry at their parent for situations they don’t fully understand) or other humans. His premise is we only have the right, and full obligation to be angry, frustrated, and all out wrathful toward the enemy of our souls.  

God is good, all the time, and wouldn't cause the ick in your life. Those around you are not out to cause you hurt, harm or destruction – but act when acted upon.  Our anger, fury, rage and irritation needs to be channeled toward one source, and one source only; satan.  He deserves it and we, most of the time, are afraid of him, his smoke, his mirrors and his mock imitation of power. 

In reality, we are more powerful, more potent, mightier than he. We, a created being, house something formidable, great and weighty. Satan, also a created being, does not. The man in the story had it right; what is in us, the spirit residing, resting, inhabiting the God hole in our soul is bigger, more powerful and effective than satan himself. Now, we just have to believe it and act like it.
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