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Battle Line

During my quiet time 29 May 2020:

I went into a vision and begin to proclaim and decree - as I proclaimed unity over the body of Christ, my sword was in the air moving in a circular motion and a tornado type thing formed in the sky. The wind was a powerful sucking force, it pulled at loose objects moving them into the apparition - up I went.

The wind was a unifying force. Others were flying in the storm winds, eventually we were able to straighten ourselves and circle in the same direction, proclaiming and decreeing the identical. The unifying power of praise, thanksgiving, gratitude, and prayer was incredibly powerful and emotionally gripping. I had tears.

I saw a line being cut in the soil below by the tornado; it was wide and deep, taller than a man. What is the line God? I ask. 

When the body unifies, evil will be unable to cross that line. It is a demarcation.” 

The ‘church’ in the tornado was all skin tones, languages and ages.  I saw children, elderly and teenagers as well as middle aged and twenty-somethings. I heard snippets of other languages and tongues as I circled around and around. We all had shields protecting us from the flying flotsam. 

Rise up church, rise up. Prepare to take your place. The battle line has been drawn, they will be defeated. They will retreat. They will back down. They will not stand. Unify. Unify. Unify and STAND!!!” 

The wind slowed and we drifted down along the line - we were hundreds deep. We were instructed to stand, not fight (though we has swords and shields), and pray unified for God’s glory to be shown. The atmosphere was heavy with anticipation, with praise, with worship. We all had swords drawn at the ready but we stood and decreed:  

“God’s Glory for all to see! God Goodness for all to witness. God’s power for all to experience!” 

Then a mighty wave came over us. We were not wet, we were in the barrel. It hit the other side of the line and washed everything away (I couldn’t see anything there before, but now the dirt was level like freshly poured concrete). The line filled in. 

We heard: “Cross over and take the land previously held by your opposition.”

We crossed over.   As we walked our shoes were coated with the ‘concrete’ and made new - I heard “Shod with the shoes of peace” (they were golden in color). Sheath your swords. Rack your shields. Go forth. Infiltrate. Explain. Care for. Elevate. Declare. Bring purpose. GO!” 

And the mass went, spreading far and wide, doing as instructed and wherever our feet went golden footprints remained. It looked like a bowl of spilled golden spaghetti with the noodles reaching in every which way across the landscape. 


This vision happened BEFORE all the rioting, looting and violence in the United States over the weekend. This vision happened BEFORE Pentecost Sunday (more on that another day).

I believe God’s call to us in this moment is not judgement but unification. Not division but cooperation. This is not a time for revenge and retaliation. Use your passion to walk out God’s purposes in this season - ask Him what to do, where to go and how to change the society and atmosphere around you. Don’t get swept up into the hateful, revenge-filled sway. He has a better plan. Find out what it is for you and walk it out. 

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