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Humility Redefined

...It is time to go lower, descend, empty/rid ourselves of our ways, thoughts, opinions and seek His...

I have been listening to a lot of encouraging prophetic and pastoral voices. One in particular, has said over and over “The door is in the floor!” in regards to gaining heavenly access. I was pondering, mulling this over, when I remembered a dream... from May 2012.

Wayne (a good friend) and I are walking down a shadowy hallway, looking for door ten. We pass six, seven, eight, and nine but no ten is to be found. Wayne peeks his head around the corner and motions to me “Dena, look at this... it’s in the floor!” I stand beside him and see, yes, the door we seek is in the floor!? The door glows, especially the numeral on it; golden sunshine streams from behind our shoulders. We look at each other, shrug our shoulders, and he lifts the trap door “Ladies First!” he exclaims. I step onto the metal rung and descend.

“Humility is key in this season.” Is what God has been whispering to me. I wasn’t sure if this was a personal, corporate, domestic, or an international directive, but as history played out over the last several weeks, I can see it is a corporate mandate, not just an individual one.

Pride, self-promotion, assertion, manipulation, intimidation, fear, bullying are all the opposite of humility. True humility is courageous, honoring, strong and fear-less. True humility is not weak, passive, demure, docile, or shy. True humility is one that finds itself lost in the folds of a supreme beings robes; cloaked, clothed, and disguised as another. True humility is fierce in obedience to the one it serves, loyal, kind, open. It is respectful of others and their opinions, actions, decisions and, at the same time, true to themselves.

I think God was communicating that is it is time to go lower, descend, empty/rid ourselves of our ways, thoughts, opinions and seek His. If you remember, we are dead and no longer live but Christ lives within us. If we, our dead self, rear our decomposed icky personhood, we are just getting in the way of Him working through us in an impactful and lasting manner. We must go lower to get stronger, to become bolder; to be a brighter burning flame.

Want to alter the atmosphere around you? Want to shift circumstances? Want to change outcomes? Go through the door in the floor, the one marked “complete” and camouflage yourself in the Complete One. Decend. Discover His heart, His mind, His opinions and tout them - they are the lasting ones anyway. Side with the eternal, the lasting, the Godly. It will bring a good... no, a great, return.

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