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Wisdom + Presence = Revelation

Jesus and I were having a discussion and he related the following. I wanted to share it with you:

“Revelation comes through presence.  Presence is invited by worship. Worship is cultivated by intimacy. The remnant take time to know ME, my heart, my ways. They don’t assume, take second hand knowledge. They find for themselves. They dig for the truth. Wisdom comes to all who ask, but my presence is what reveals its application and dosage. The two work together. Wisdom is good;  revelation provides the prescription - how much and when. Presence is the key.” 

“It is not about performance, completing things, accomplishment. It is about quality of time.”

How do you cultivate, get into, keep, administer the Presence of God? Is it a once a day event? Quiet time only or every minute of every day? How do you maintain a steady flow of Presence morning noon and night? I really would like to know; tips and pointers would be appreciated.

So that song I posted a few weeks ago that many of you say is running around constantly in your head...I bought the album. It is worth the $:

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