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Has God ever felt far off, away, distant from your everyday reality?

I struggled with feeling unheard; being unseen. But God showed me my voice has value, weight, worth - and my voice needs to be heard. I spent 20+ years in singleness longer than my contemporaries. I learned the truth that my maker is my husband, my provider, my sounding board. I learned to hear and heed his voice, I learned to take direction and follow his lead. I became a lover.  


My ear still rests on his heart, his mouth whispering secrets, revelation, intimate things, prophetic things into my ear. He shares with his lovers and I am one. You will find here at Dena Grace, a place of truth, writings I download from the Lord and other resources that will help you grow in Him.

Come closer, sit with me, share in my quiet time, secret place discoveries, and gather some wisdom to ponder, meditate upon and be encouraged. This is a place of edification, affirmation and truth. God is good, full of wonder and fun waiting to be explored. I want to share my discoveries and adventures with you.


My STory

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I spent my childhood playing outside, in sandboxes, with Barbies and reading, reading, reading. I grew up in church, but when I was 17 my family started attending a different congregation and Jesus became "real" — not just a nice guy with 12 friends who taught cool stuff.


A serious illness 2 years later had me making a deal with God: "Heal me and I'm yours — every bit — I'll go wherever, whenever." God did and I have. Fast forward to age 33 and I find myself jobless, single, with a mortgage, bills, car payment, and having to change careers (a rock-climbing injury ultimately derailed my employment as a Physical Therapist). A ream of resumes had been sent, no job offer received, and the horizontal light dim until a small missional organization based in San Francisco — entered the scene. Going against all worldly convention I went through their training program and journeyed to South Africa — and my world changed, broadened, expanded exponentially. I signed up for a 2 week trip and stayed 12. 


I always possessed the gift of turning everyday life circumstances into amusing stories — mostly related orally to friends and family. But South Africa is where the anecdotes found their way to paper. When I returned stateside, my supporters clamored for more and strongly encouraged me to blog. They enjoy the way I'm able to use humor, coupled with extraordinary insights, to bring life to commonplace everyday happenings, scripture passages and verses. Since then, I've written devotional and thought provoking pieces inspired by travel, everyday occurrences and other happenings. Currently, I reside in the greater Seattle area with my husband and daughter - where I am always looking for new experiences and fresh perspectives to enliven my atypical view of life.

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