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Next Time

“Em, come and help mommy please.”

“In a minute mom, I just have to….”

She eventually arrives, helps, is obedient, kind and caring - but the waiting sometimes frustrates me as I stand with my arms full and can’t quite open the door or a grocery bag is ripping and about to spill its contents all over the floor.

It made me ponder, how fast do I respond to “Dena, come help me with this…”

I wonder if God ever gets miffed with my “let me put Emily to bed first… finish making supper… folding laundry… answering an email… sending a text…”

Delayed obedience is still obedience, but on our timing not his. He is aware of what we are doing when he asks us for help. He knows of its importance and relevance, but chose to ask anyway.

We have choice to follow, move, and flow with the Spirit or ignore it. Immediate obedience shows agreement, deference to the one asking, willingness; servitude. Deferring, postponement, slowed response portrays not only irreverence to the one asking but asserts control and self will as well.

Thankfully, God is incredibly patient. He is also gracious, kind, forgiving and merciful. I feel he just shrugs his shoulders and sighs, “Bummer Dena, you missed out on the gift I had for you. Maybe next time.”

Next time… next time… yes, next time.

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