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In my 20’s I fell 20+ feet and shattered my right ankle. At the time, a lot of attention was paid to my foot - rightly so, it was misshapen, swollen and needed surgery… but my spine was completely ignored.

In June of 2020 I was experiencing tingling and numbness in my left arm and leg. Walking any distance was fatiguing, painful and produced insensitivity. My low back was in almost constant low grade pain. None of these symptoms were new; they had built up over time, but, my tolerance for irritation had reached its limit.

Fortuitously, I found a practitioner who could help. The fall 30 years prior had knocked some spinal joints out of alignment. As our bodies do, mine had adjusted, compensated and moved on… but the malalignment had taken a toll and needed repair. Adjustment and realignment occurred and within 3 months almost all of my symptoms completely cleared, within 6 months they were a distant memory.

Since then I have lived relatively pain free, but, this spring, life stress, back to back travel, a family death, homeschool pressures, and other stuff caused my body to slip out of alignment and ALL of the symptoms came rushing back - tingling, numbness, back pain, discomfort, irritation, fatigue. A quick trip to the practitioner and I felt MUCH better.

As I was sitting in the “recovery chair” I was thinking how this line of work is a lot like what God does. If we align ourselves and stay in the flow of what God is doing, when he is doing it, how he is doing it - favor falls, the miraculous happens, and life flows a bit easier. But, when we decide to step out on our own, do our own thing, our own way, in our own time, irritation, pain, discomfort hallmark our existence.

A trip into His presence, along with a bit of repentance and forgiveness, we can be fully restored and aligned. It doesn’t take long, and afterward we can rest in the alignment; communication is restored and we function properly.

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