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We Don't Do Anger Here

I made a mistake. I read the news headlines while waiting for the kettle to boil and tea to seep.

As the water turned darker so did my mood. By the time I reached my prayer chair I was angry, upset, and ready for WAR. I closed my eyes. I pictured myself on my prayer rock and started interceding, proclaiming, declaring - complete with foot stomping and overhead air punching. There may have been some yelling too…

“Hey Dena, we don’t do anger here.” A still, quiet voice behind me whispered.

“Uh, what?”

“Come sit next to me and cool off a bit. You need my perspective before you start praying again. Anger isn’t part of our culture or atmosphere. Don’t fuel them by giving into what they are sowing.”

I retreated from the rock, sat in a chair next to His and fumed. I was still angry. His presence washed over me and I calmed a bit but was still overheated.

“It is unrighteousness, unholy, un… un… un… It is just WRONG!”

“Sit a bit longer.”

I sat. And Sat. AND SAT. It took me quite awhile to cool to where I could pray the opposite of what I had read, where I could love the people behind the action and pray for their salvation and righteousness through Jesus, where I could join the forces of peace and love instead of anger and vengeance.

Forgive me Lord for fueling their fight by partnering with anger, frustration, irritation and judgement. Renew a right spirit within me. Give me a pure heart so I can see your face, hear your words, and my voice proclaims, declares and intercedes your will and ways. Create in me a hunger and thirst for your righteousness, your ways, your perspective. Bring your presence and your peace to ALL situations.

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