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But I...

I have been listening to A LOT of worship music lately. It helps to drown the swirling thoughts of “What the $^%&!” in my head about the societal, cultural, national circumstances I find myself facing. The song below I have heard, sung, listened to before - but over the weekend it struck me differently:


Verse 1:

I've tried so hard to see it

Took me so long to believe it

That You choose someone like me

To carry Your victory

Perfection could never earn it

You give what we don't deserve

You take the broken things

And raise them to glory


You are my Champion

Giants fall when You stand


Every battle You've won

I am who you say I am

You crown me with confidence

I am seated

In the heavenly place


With the One who has conquered it all

Verse 2:

Now I can finally see it

You're teaching me how to receive it

So let all the striving cease

This is my victory


When I lift my voice and shout

Every wall comes crashing down

I have the authority

Jesus has given me

When I open up my mouth

Miracles start breaking out

I have the authority

Jesus has given me

It is like the lyricists is saying “but I...” I am broken, I have this deficiency, I have this deficit, I have this deformation, I have this, and this, and this, and this to disqualify me. I am not who you say I am. 

But God....

But God, who is undefeated, who has conquered it all, who causes giants to fall simply by standing, says I have His authority and I am a champion too. It is not my confidence I walk in, but His. He takes my broken, misshapen, oft misplaced life and uses it for His glory. It is not about perfection, being impeccable or faultlessness. It is about surrender. It is about faith. It is about abiding and loving and being fully His. 

Place yourself beside him. Listen to what HE says about you. Let your faith build. Let your faith rise. Remember, His perspective, His viewpoint, His outlook is the right one - and the one which will prevail. It is up to us to find it, believe it and live it. 

Dante Bowe version: (the Rheva Henry one is really good too

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