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A Time is Coming

As I sat down to write a my weekly post I sensed a small voice tell me “Open your journal”. I did. Below is what poured forth. It is incredibly vulnerable and scary for me to share (What if I am wrong? What if people are offended? What if? What if? What if?) but I felt I was supposed to publish. Gulp. So here you go:

“Times are coming, strange times, wild times, open times. Times are coming when those who know me will question my goodness, my mercy, my ability to save and deliver. They will see things with their eyes, hear things with their ears and their hearts will be swayed. They will not return to me.”

“A time is coming. A time is coming. Be prepared for the unexpected, the wild, the weird. I am moving in a different, “unorthodox” way. It will seem repulsive and strange to the organized church. My kingdom is upside down and backwards in relation to your world and what you know. What you see is not always truth in your world. Your eyes deceive you. Your hearts are not fully clean and ready - I have delayed as long as I can but I am going to move and they are not ready. My heart is heavy about this - I have wooed, chased after and courted but they have not responded. They are deaf to my cries and I cannot wait any longer. Those who are with me will stand and be strong. Those who are with the church will fall away. Deception is thick and heavy, and taints all aspects of my church - motives, attitudes and endeavors. They are not what they seem.”

“My eye roves to and fro looking, seeking, the pure in heart. I will gather them together and they will be my army. They will be my power force. They will be my evangelists, teachers and preachers. The mighty will fall, be exposed and ferreted out. I will not tolerate them any longer. My heart, my heart, my heart it seeks, it finds, it invests. It turns for the needy and broken - my church has lost its way and will be rebuilt. But I will tear it down first. Be prepared.”

“A time is coming. A time is coming. A time is coming. Coming soon.”

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