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I thought I was having a stroke.

Monday night I went from fully capable, cleaning up post dinner chaos to sitting with a stiff and painful ankle, weak knee, hip and low back. My left leg was swollen, red in color and very warm to the touch. Then the shaking began; full body, uncontrollable, quiver, shiver, trembling. Suddenly - joint pain increased; excruciatingly debilitating. It was a surreal and confusing. My health care trained brain was assessing and analyzing full tilt… nothing made sense. What was happening to me?!

My husband looked everywhere for a tick or spider bite. Nada. Then he poured me a glass of water, and another, and another, and another, and another, trying to flush my system.

Oh, did I mention the painful jellybean size stye on my left eye? Yes, in the middle of all the shaking it started to drain. Awesomeness. I wasn’t winning any beauty or composure awards that evening.

Over the next few days the medical professionals figured out what happened - the bacterial release (internal) from my eye caused a systemic reaction (shaking) coupled with a severe allergic reaction to tomatoes (pain/stiffness) it was the perfect storm. Storm? It was a three day tsunami!

Post squall, I am very, very, very grateful for my, mostly normalized, ability to walk, sit, and stand. I am thankful I can converse without my teeth chattering and sit without suddenly folding in half from a violent tremor. I am so relieved it passed quickly and the fears that scooted across my brain were not realized. I am so very thankful for my restored health.

Up until Monday night I had taken my good health as a standard - almost for granted that it would always be there. But in less than an hour that reality changed and so did my perspective. Would this be permanent or transitory? Would I ever me “me” again? Would everything resolve or would I be left with a “reminder”? I now have a very sobering and clarified view of how fragile health can be.

I have determined to praise God for what I have today - what I can do today; things can change in an instant. I was fortunate to have my function restored; healing happened quickly. Praise Jesus.

I have been around many that have not had the same outcome or story.

Thank you, God, for the favor on my life.

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