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Traits of a Good Host

…the sad reality is that the Holy Spirit doesn’t rest upon every believer. He is in me for my sake, but He is upon me for yours. When the Holy Spirit rests upon a person without withdrawing, it is because He has been made welcome in a most honorable way (p137).

Boom…well, truth sometimes hurts. Holy Spirit UPON me is not a constant. How am I not honoring you Holy Spirit? How do I grieve or offend so you lift and leave?

These were just two of the questions I wrestled with this summer as I took a class on Hosting the Presence (Bill Johnson). Here are a few others:

  • Our true nature and personality will never come to fullness apart from His manifest Presence. (p28) What part of me has not been revealed? Shown? Brought forth?

  • …the measure we are aware of our need for Him is usually the measure we become aware of Him. (p151) How much do I need Him, honestly, really need Him?

  • We are to know the ways and Presence of the Holy Spirit so we can cooperate with Him in a way that changes the world around us. This is true ministry. (p154) How much true ministry do I partake; how much is me vs. Him?

  • We will always release the reality of the world we are most aware of. (p156) Ugh. How Kingdom focused am I? What is the nature of the reality I am most aware of?

  • Living with a continual awareness of Him has got to be a supreme goal for anyone who understands the privilege of hosting Him. (p157) Do I understand the privilege?

  • Every believer experiences God’s Presence in some way, but we often remain untrained. (p158) I am untrained… #trainingneeded

  • As we steward His Presence properly, in relationship, He will allow us the increasing privilege of releasing His Presence into various situations and others lives in ministry. (p167) How do I steward properly? How do I have a relationship, a real one, with Holy Spirit?

  • The overwhelming outcome is learning to live from the Presence of God toward the issues of life. (p172) Yes, how do I not react out of my flesh but continually out of my Spirit - especially when tired, a bit stressed or overwhelmed?

  • We always become like the one we worship. (p176) Who/What am I worshipping? Who am I following?Emulating? Giving time and attention to?

  • What a person values they will protect. God will give us the measure of His presence that we are willing to jealously guard. (p191) Increase my desire, my focus, my ability to persevere, push through and HOST your presence in greater measure.

The book is amazing, full of truth, practical explanations and real life examples. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about living life with God in an impactful, miraculous manner. It will help identify roadblocks, ideologies and thought patterns hindering your way forward. And, cause you to ponder, think, and ask some hard, soul-searching questions.

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