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Great Risk, Great Reward

Sometimes I make things harder, heavier, or more complex than need be. God reminded me of a time in 2013 when I was given a prophetic word "Great Risk = Great Reward".

The risk: Move from California to Washington… Would things work out with Joe? Would living with with my parents for a year strengthen or kill our relationship? Would I heal from a body-wide illness? Would I be able to make close friend this late in life, while ill, and my heart still partially in the Bay Area?

I had to move - that was my only certainty. The path I pursued appeared as my only logical option - so I followed it. It didn’t seem like great risk, just forward motion. Looking back I realize the level of uncertainty, liability and ambiguity I faced - it was a lot!

But God. I obediently followed His lead and walked out my part and He held up his.

The reward: Strengthened relationship with my parents. Good courtship with Joe. Marriage occurring on Yom Kippur (a high Jewish holiday). Strong believers mentoring us. A "big girl" house. And Emily... a reward I never expected but am THRILLED to experience.

God reminded me He is mostly subtle, quiet, calm. He leads in whispers and nudges. He does not yell, force or push. He does not manipulate or cajole, tantalize or tempt. He leads with peace, mercy, and love. We sometimes miss the modest caress, the touch, the tap, or inkling due to over thinking, over looking, or over analyzing situations, people, or circumstance. We are conditioned to pay attention to the brash, the loud, the crazy… if it is quiet it is often overlooked and ignored. Our lives are too busy to pay attention to everything - if it isn’t painful, irritating, aggravating or annoying we, for the most part, ignore it.

Risk with God is negligible, nada, inconsequential. If we follow His path, His timing, His protection and provision accompany us. The unknowing, the uncertainty, the indeterminateness is what gets us - it’s the hard part. Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see (Hebrews 11:1). When traveling with God it is often foggy and unclear… faith plays a big role.

Faith in God is not difficult if you truly believe He is good. Childlike trust and obedience are key. Great risks are followed by great rewards…along with awe and wonder, blessings and favor, provision and protection.

Are you a risk taker? Take His hand and see where He leads you - it won’t be boring!

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