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I Swallowed It

"What did you do all the feelings, emotions and judgements?"

January 2022 a friend of my was supernaturally healed of Celiac’s disease. It occurred after a Saturday night worship service. One of the guest speakers was still on stage, surrounded by children and pointed to the area where my friend was standing - “I feel someone over here has been dealing with chronic severe Celiac. God wants to heal you. Who is it?” Before my friend could fully raise his hand he was flung sideways by the Spirit. He lay on the floor shaking for a long time. His wife helped him home. The next morning he holds a cracker in his hands - no blistering of skin, no rash, no reaction. He was tested - Celiac GONE! No human touched him.

Encouraged by his testimony I started to go after my own chronic issues centered in my gut and ankle. For ten years I have been plagued with intestinal discomfort, irritability and other issues. I had exhausted all western medicine regimens, had wearied my naturopath, had tried acupuncture, herbs, chiropractics, you name it. Appeasement would come for short periods but BAM! every November they flooded back full strength.

This year, November arrived with symptoms surging out of nowhere. I cried out: “God! What is going on!!!? I need relief. Help me, please!”

I felt led to visit a local healing room - nothing happened, but one of the ministers asked me “What happened around the time this started? I feel your gut issues have an emotional root.”

Blankly, I stared at her. I couldn’t remember… but God did and reminded me the next morning. November 2012, right before Thanksgiving, a time when I experienced intense rejection, betrayal, and humiliation that I was unable to deal with in the moment, but had to put aside for when I was home and able to process. Later that day I listened to an interview and a comment caught my ear “90+% of all chronic illness has an emotional root.” I thought it was an overstatement until God asked:

“What did you do all the feelings, emotions and judgements you had Dena?”

“I swallowed them.” I replied.

A long, holy, pause. “And that is where they have remained.”

An astonished, lights going on, acknowledgment and agreement moment occurred. I immediately went into repentance and forgiveness mode - I repented for partnering, sheltering, giving home to rejection, betrayal, humiliation, to the harmful, to the twisted. I kicked them out. I told them to leave. I forgave all parties (again). Cut all ties (again). Repented of all judgements (again). I felt better; my symptoms improved 70% with one prayer. Hallelujah, Praise Jesus!

70% is not 100% - I wanted COMPLETE healing, not partial, not kinda, not sorta, or a bit. I wanted ALL. I continued to press God for more and felt led to call my pastor, who has a heart for deliverance. A week later I was in his office. We went to work. In thirty minutes, snotty and tearstained, I left his office 100% symptom free!!!! I have been ever since. NO acid reflux. NO bloating. NO abdominal pain. NO indigestion. NO cramping. And able to ingest dairy, gluten, sugar, caffeine, steak, soy, oats…ALL. THE. THINGS! Believe me, I have TESTED this! Again, Hallelujah, Praise Jesus!

“The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy.” - Revelation 19:10. My friends testimony provoked my healing, hopefully mine can inspire yours.

P.S. Now God, can we chat about my ankle?


My friends testimony of being healed of Celiac:

by Joe and Sandy Sims

In 2007 on our way to a Maui vacation I had an incident on the airplane that would shape our lives for the next decade and a half. During that plane ride I suffered the most severe pain I had ever had. After we returned home, I visited my doctor. He said that things like that happen especially on a plane ride with the cabin pressure fluctuations. But the pain and discomfort would come and go. Over time it became increasingly worse. I went to numerous doctors, from naturopaths to urologist to dietician’s. Years went by and we had very few answers.

Traveling became a dreaded nightmare. Work became nearly impossible. A simple commute of less than 4 miles to my office required knowing where construction sites with port a potty’s were located along the route. Business meetings outside my office required me to plan way ahead. A normal 1 hour drive could take 2 or 3 with the restroom stops I now required.

In 2009 I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. So we went on a strict “gluten free” diet. In fact the condition was so severe, we had to change soaps, lotions, shaving cream and we wouldn’t allow others to bring gluten into our home.

Even though that brought some relief, in the spring of 2012 I had hit bottom. The abdominal pain was so severe that medication could not help and no doctor could figure out what the problem was. We decided to sell our home that was quite large and sat on 1.5 acres overlooking the city of Tacoma and the tide flats. A place that had thousands of memories would be home no longer. Caring for the home had simply become too much for me to handle. At 49 years of age, I felt much older and we knew that, without a miracle, I would not be able to continue working. All of our hopes and dreams seemed to be on hold. Possibly never to be realized.

In late 2012 a urologist finally gave us some more answers. He confirmed the Celiac disease but also discovered that I had a rare condition for men, Interstitial cystitis (IC - a bladder condition).

The Celiac was being controlled with diet, but the severity of the IC would require surgery to help the bladder and I would need to be on two medications for the rest of my life. We were both devastated and relieved to finally have some answers.

We scheduled surgery immediately and in October of 2013 the doctor performed the surgery. The next several weeks brought a painful period of recovery. Soon life had a new normal. Medications daily, diet restrictions. Gluten free and acid free. A bland and boring diet, but at least we no longer feared an early death.

Life returned to mostly normal, travel remained difficult, but manageable. With planning I could now speak in front of a crowd for up to an hour without a break. That meant I could train employees and preach at our church occasionally. I became complicit with my “new normal”. Accepting that I would live with both diagnosis’, but hey, we could manage.

February 2020 the world began to change with COVID 19. March 7 we began taking communion nightly with friends. Our group of participants grew and we continued nightly communion calls until Passover, May 30th. We have continued meeting, sharing, praying and receiving communion weekly ever since.

Through this time we have taught how there is healing through the blood of Jesus. But honestly, I hadn’t applied it to my own life because we have managed the Celiac pretty well with diet and other restrictions/modifications.

Then on January 29, 2022 Richard Gordon of Bethel Church was ministering at New Horizon Church, Fife, WA. He called out that the Lord wanted to heal someone with severe Celiac disease. I raised my hand. Apparently as I lifted my hand I went down under the power of Holy Spirit. As I was under the power I had a vision of a stadium filled with at least 100,000 people. I was on center stage. Behind me was a huge loaf of bread. This loaf was at least 2 stories tall and there was a cup filled with wine equally as large. During this vision the Lord spoke to me and said “You cannot teach the communion message with Celiac”. During the time I was under the Spirit I felt like someone was pulling and stretching the inside of my abdomen. This went on for about one hour. When I got up I felt like I was under the influence of a drug - like I had just had surgery.

Since that Holy Spirit encounter I have eaten gluten regularly. I have also completed a Celiac blood test and, of course, it was negative. No Celiac!

To day I am walking in the complete healing provided to me by Jesus!

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