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Look Up

She is gazing downward, fiddling, fondling, foraging for something in front of her. It is twilight, dusky, almost dark. I peer, squint, trying to understand what I am seeing. The scene expands. We are in a cave, she is picking little diamonds out of the wall, cleaning them, putting them into apron pockets. The picture enlarges. I gasp - above her head are football sized gemstones, glinting in the half light. They are enormous, gorgeous and going unseen, undiscovered, undetected.

“Lift up your head oh ye gates…Let the King of Glory come in” (Psalm 24) I hear in my head.

If she had looked up, if she had lifted her gaze, if she had taken her eyes off what was in her hand, she would have discovered something greater, more valuable, timeless and rare.

I felt convicted.

My circumstances. My schedule. My commitments. My. Me. Mine. I was finding and pulling value, depth and worth out of my everyday life - but God has more.

“Lift up your head Dena. Find me. Find what I have for you. What I have planned for you. What I have in store. It is so much greater, valuable, timeless and rare than anything you can forage for yourself.”

Amen Lord. Amen.

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