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Mindset Directed Sight

“Mindset directed sight.”

What?! Jarred from worship I tuned into what I was hearing.

“Mindset directed sight - you see what you want, or expect, to see.”

I tried to ignore the Sunday service going on around me, but was unsuccessful. God’s voice grew too quiet to hear.

Later that week I picked it up again… “You were saying…something about mindset and sight?”

“You will see what you want to see; what you position yourself to see.”

My thoughts turned to the Pharisees - they knew the scriptures, they memorized the prophesies, yet, The Christ stood in front of them and they were blind to the reality. Mindset directed their sight and they missed Him.

But, position… what did He mean by that? Was it a faith thing? Like standing in faith? Or was it a words thing; speaking, expecting, proclaiming, declaring what I want to see?

Meditation and mulling revealed it was neither - it was literal positioning - where I was in relation to Him. Close or distant. Near or far. Intimate or acquaintance.

I started asking questions and examining. What blinders, expectations, mindsets, mar my vision? What obstacles, beliefs, perceptions pollute my view? What aspect of God am I not seeing? Where am I in relation to Him - intimate or outsider?

These questions and thoughts tumbled around my brain and coalesced into a single word: ABIDE. To wait, await, to remain steadfast or faithful, to endure, sustain, or withstand without yielding or submitting ( Abiding alongside Him brings the clearest sight, the best position, the keenest perception and viewpoint.

Lord teach me to abide better. To not leave your side. To pull your robes around myself, to disappear in you… I need your presence, your glory, your power to be able to stand, persevere, be a light carrier and giver in these dark days. Help me protect my child, support my husband, give to my friends, family and community. Show me, teach me, instruct me. Keep me on a short leash so if I step away, get distracted, I return almost immediately. Keep me close. Clear cobwebs, modify mindsets, vary viewpoints not reflective of you and your values. Make my mind like yours.

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