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Praise Attracts

The other morning I was sitting in my prayer chair offering thanks, praise, gratitude and gratefulness - the sun was shining, I was just off vacation (read: rested and refreshed), and my spirit was full of hope.

“I am enthroned. I inhabit your praise” (I later found this in Ps. 22:3)

What? Huh?

“I inhabit the praise you offer.”

What does that mean?

“What you utter, I make grow; I increase. I place favor and honor upon it. I am enthroned by praise, thanksgiving, gratitude, gratefulness.”

Ok. I want you enthroned. I want you around.

I don’t think I was fully grasping his point; he continued: “People are not thankful Dena. True heartfelt praise is rare. The populous mostly proclaims and declares complaint. I do not honor that system in my kingdom. It falls flat. It has no power.”


“Praise attracts heaven. Praise attracts favor. Praise attracts merit and increase. The secret is to enter my gates with thanksgiving and my courts with praise. Give thanks and praise my name (Found this in Ps 100:4) in this there is no fault.”

I feel that God was telling me, he inhabits the praise of his people - he likes and abides with those who have thankful, praise filled, hearts. Conversely, complaining decreases habitation. Listening to a litany of complaints is not his thing (is it anyones?).

Sunny, rested, rejuvenated mornings are easy to praise and extol his name… mornings following interrupted nights, disruptive news, and disappointment is a much different story. But, in that instance the praise, thanksgiving, gratitude and gratefulness are even more powerful and provoking of his heart… because it is done out of sacrifice (Hebrews 13:15).

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