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Public Proves Private

Emily is taking piano lessons and we have entered the season of scales, circle of fifths…ad nauseaum. Up and down the keys, 5 finger, base cord, arpeggio, up and down, over and over and over again.

For encouragement we watched a few YouTube videos of people, male and female, playing public pianos. They have no music, they just sit down and perform. Playing known tunes, made up melodies, duets, we even witnessed one tri-player performance where three strangers end up playing the same keyboard, complimenting one another’s artistry. It was amazing.

Watching them, those completely absorbed and comfortable in what they are doing, at peace and content, happily gliding over the keys, their back to the crowd, clueless to the gathering, awestruck faces, admiring glances, phones recording… it struck me…this, the masterful performance, is the result of hours and hours and hours of private practice, refinement, discipline - and is unseen, most no one hears or enjoys their efforts.

It started me thinking about the Christian walk. How much time we spend in secret, in the quiet, in the 1:1 with the Creator is reflected in our public displays, our reactions, our demeanor. For example, I recently went through a massive transition out of being a homeschool mom (amazing God-orchestrated story). This radically altered our lives. I have been able to return to extended periods of worship, prayer and God time vs. slotting Him in here and there, over laundry, peeling potatoes, stirring pots and washing dishes. I have noticed a VAST difference in my demeanor, patience level, and ability to cope with stressors. My private, quiet, alone time is shaping my public, mom/wife life.

James speaks about us being the fragrance, the music, the allure, for God (1:18). Are people attracted to how we live our lives? Does the ‘music’ we produce intrigue their souls? Is our private practice, refinement, discipline reflected publicly in our reactions, decisions and treatment of others? Do we spend enough time to have Him ‘rub off and remain’?

Up until recently, if I am honest, it was a loosing battle. Fatigue and physical needs almost always won…but God radically intervened and drew me back to himself. I am so grateful. I am a much nicer, calmer, more patient person when he is around and the major influence in my life.

How about you? Have you found this to be true?

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