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Reliable Counterpart


I look down to see my 7 year old waving her left arm in the air. She is seeking my hand but not finding it. Frustrated she again cries out, “Hand!”

I look to where her gaze is fixated - there is a group of teenage boys approaching, cars going in and out of parking slots, construction vehicles, traffic congestion and the wind is tugging our coats. Seeing the imminent danger from her perspective I grab the flailing hand, she squeezes it and looks at me, relief washing over her features. We proceed into Target.

How often do I feel like that? Perceived difficulty, danger, unknown coming at me and I want comfort, a solid presence beside me - a hand to hold, to squeeze in assurance, to know I am not alone.

As adults we can’t demand a hand to hold - most of the time - but know, Jesus is always with us, never leaves, never forsakes, is always good, and always has a plan.

You may not have a physical hand to hold, but his presence is a fantastic second, and reliable counterpart.

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