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Stay Strong, STAND

I have had the opportunity to pray for a lot of people lately, and many, lots actually, have had the same theme: Perseverance.

  • Fish swimming up stream but not getting anywhere; and, like salmon, they become ragged, bruised, ripped, and torn in the migration

  • People slogging through deep mud; progress frustratingly slow, laborious, each step a monumentous, almost painful, effort

  • Persons standing against a buffeting wind; a force so strong it is difficult to remain, let alone advance, leaning into the gale takes overwhelming strength, will, and stamina

Though the pictures varied the message in response was the same: Persevere. Stay Strong and STAND. Keep fighting. Hold your position.

I asked what was gained by the hardship, the enduring, the pain, I heard the same thing: Strength, might, power - stamina - were being built. I felt these traits were going to be needed in the next season; the increased fortitude, abilities, will be assets to advancement in order to move at a more rapid pace than previously able.

All the pictures, or visions if you like, had an eventual release of pressure. The stream returned to its normal boundaries and the fish were able to easily advance. The mud dried up and running, not walking, was the new pace. The wind switched direction, settled into a light breeze and pushed the person forward.

As comforting as it is to hear your current hardship is being used for your good, it does not diminish the current battle, circumstance or situation…the pain, hardship, and effort is real. BUT, the pictures brought perspective - the pain, heartache, emotional endurance are for advancement, promotion, and what was stolen today will be regained in half the time later.

So, if this message is for you: STAND, HOLD YOUR GROUND, REMAIN, ENDURE, PERSEVERE. Your reward is coming. You will eventually ADVANCE at GREAT SPEED.

Stand firm, and you will win life - Luke 21:19

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