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Three Second Silly Sanctuary

In this time bustle, hurry and preparation please remember God will meet you where you are. It just takes turning your heart toward him in a moment of adoration, worship, heart quietness. The silliest places become my sanctuaries... the laundry room, kitchen sink, stove, bathroom, shower, closet. He meets me, we commune, communicate, express, and exchange. Then the moment ends and I move onto the next thing... but he never leaves. An hour later I turn in again and He is there, waiting, wanting my attention - I willingly give it. The verse about God never leaves/forsakes is true - if you are willing to find it, seek it, turn into it, make it your own. I have ignored it in the past, busting on through to the next thing, task, person - but end up dry, crabby, worn out, burnt out, unfun. The Three Second Silly Sanctuary has been my solution; unorthodox, unreligious, unpretentious but life-giving, sustaining, and nourishing. I need it.

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