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Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Matthew 25 - Ten Virgins Parable

We are lamps, burning ones, but do we have enough oil for the wait? Are we replenishing via intimate time with Him in order to sustain the flame? Do we have enough oil to keep our lamps lit so we can follow Him when he arrives?

Prophetically, I feel there is a time coming, coming soon, where the true remnant will be imbued with power, might, boldness, glory, and faith for the times ahead. The power hour, the showcase of His glory on Earth, is coming... are we ready? If you miss the bridegroom when His Spirit arrives you will miss The Party.

Those with titles, positions, and/or authority but no devotion will miss the party parade. Facades, positioning, posturing, rank, reputation, situation, standing will mean NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING.

Take the time to get your lamps trimmed, your oil replenished and a ready supply on hand. Intimacy. Relationship. Time. All equate to increased faith and moving in might, power, miracles, and boldness (which will be needed by the way). A billion soul harvest has been prophesied... are you ready to take part in what God is about to do on the Earth?

Where are you with God? Are you arm in arm, or in the foyer still trying to find the sanctuary? Is your lamp lit and glowing brightly? Do you have an oil supply ready and waiting? It is YOUR choice if you take part in the next move of God, the upcoming revival. YOU decide. God’s Spirit will fall on those prepared, waiting and ready...

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