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Diet Dictates Dedication

Eye gate, ear gate, perceptions… What is influencing your world? Negativity? News? God testimonies? Truth? You are shaped by what you allow into your sphere. What is your greatest influencer today? What speaks most to your heart? What are you watching? To what are you listening? Upon what are you mentally eating and dining? Diet dictates dedication - what you feast upon is revealed thru action, deed and word.

Shortly into the pandemic I was chatting with a friend and they shared with me their terror. They were uneasy to even go into their backyard for dead of infection. It was painful to listen to the worry, the anguish, they were experiencing. It was real.

I asked where they were getting their information. What were their sources? Neighbors? Newspapers? Nighttime synopsis by newscasters? She affirmed all of the above, in fact, she told me the TV was on every waking hour of her day.


“Turn it off.” I suggested.

“I can’t do that!!! I won’t know what is going on!”

She, finally, agreed to a three day experiment. No news. No TV. No newspapers for three days. Then we would gauge her anxiety and angst.

When I checked in several days afterward a different lady answered the phone. She was peaceful. Steady. Grounded. Relaxed.

“What did you do instead?”

“Read. I read my Bible. I read books I have wanted to read. I cooked delicious meals. I cleaned out my pantry. I was productive.”

The conversation continued with me asking about the path forward and she, wisely, was going back to news but with limited exposure.

We are heavily influenced by what we ingest - not only physically but spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. It reminds me of a children’s song we learned in Sunday school: Oh, Be Careful Little Eyes What You See.

Diet dictates dedication…what you ingest is what you will manifest. Eat Wisely.


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