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Burn Rate

In the next season, all of us are going to ignite and burn... at which rate is our decision.

I sense many are feeling dry, worn down, fatigued. Battle weary. Many are doing life on rote, no passion, just one foot in front of the other - surviving. It has been a long season filled with many disappointments.

I feel God is saying “Take heart, you will ignite in the next season. You will flare like paper starting a fire; you are very flammable.”

Others feel the fatigue, the weariness too but have spent time, hours, in God’s presence. They have sought his face, his outlook, his input...they, are doused, covered in the oil of his presence. They are infused. They will not only ignite, but burn. Their flame will be brighter and longer lasting - and will glow. They will glow like embers at a fires end; lighting up the darkness, illuminating the area and atmosphere around - without trying. In rest they will radiate.

I sense God saying “Abide, abide, abide and you will be a bright, burning one - changing, altering, transforming areas, situations and circumstance.”

I feel many experience seeking, spending time with God, as boring, laborious, and unpleasant. They would rather be doing other things. And, unfortunately, distractions abound to pull us away from the true reviver and replenisher; our life source. We plug into, become fascinated with, the false, a replica, what is good but not great.

It is like filling a lamp with water vs. oil. They may look the same from a distance, even have a similar appearance close up. But, when you go to light and use the lamp water prevents the wick from igniting, whereas oil enables it. Distractions are like water, they make you feel full, look full, topped up - but in reality hinder from the greater, better, more impactful.

A time of great revival and harvest is coming. Every Christ follower will ignite in this next season and burn for a length of time. How we burn and how long we burn - our burn rate - is up to us.

Fire-starter or dura-flame?

PRAYER: Lord, we want a long burn season, a brighter more powerful ignition and fire. Abide with us, soak us with your presence, be so close we can feel you, fill us up, replenish us, refuel us. May we be fully doused, infused, covered, seeped in your oil. May we burn bright, long, and have an ember glow for a long, long, long time.

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