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Chicken Little

Chicken Little is running amuck. His squawking effects our deepest core - faith God, trust in humanity. He is stealing hope and driving uncertainty into our hearts. Lots and lots and lots of fear producing, anxiety increasing, “news” has been shared with me in the last three months. And, at one, or maybe two points, it really, really got to me. I felt oppressed, depressed and under its weight (vs it under my feet - Ephesians 2:6). At my lowest level God and I had a conversation: “God, this stuff is awful. I am proclaiming, decreeing, praying, interceding and seeing NO MOVEMENT. I am seeing things get worse vs. better. I am seeing more restrictions put into place not freedom. What is your truth? What is your perspective? What is your viewpoint?” He responds: “What have I told you?” “Um, nothing. That is why I am asking.” “Not about the situation Dena, about you. What have I promised you?” I did a mental scroll of my prophetic journal, my daily devotional notes, scripture verses.. “A lot. You have promised me a lot.” “Have all of them happened yet?” “No.” “Can some of them happen with the current societal atmosphere and meeting restrictions?” “Nope.” “My word does not come back to me void. I do not lie. It is still coming if it has not happened. Cling to what I have told you. Stand on the promises. Proclaim the prophesy. They are yours. They will happen. Have the faith to stand and persevere until they are mature.” “Um. Ok. But what about the other stuff?” “Pray the opposite spirit and intercede for your President.” ******* The above conversation embedded a deep hope. God has promised me good things, great things, wonderful things. What about you? What prophesies and promises are still in the wings waiting to take their mark center stage?  How much squawking are you contemplating, considering, ruminating upon? Are you giving in, as I did, and coming under the oppressive, depressive, manipulative force of fear? Leave fear. He is a liar. Stand on what you know - God’s character is true.  He does not lie. He will not leave. He is always good. He always protects. He blesses. He redeems. He saves. He restores. He is merciful. He is full of love to overflowing. He is kind. He is patient. He is faithful. He. Is. Truth. Partially inspired by: Tim Sheets - I’m Not Budging

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