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“God I feel like a fraud.” I don’t feel anointed, presence filled or on fire today. I feel pressure and stress. I feel empty, out of sorts, and unable. I feel depleted.

“The faithful are not fraudulent.”


Upon meditating, I took His statement to mean that when we are close to him, abiding, hearing, asking, honoring we are unable to veer off the path into wrong doing, thinking, or action for long.

His reply reminded me of a time in my 20’s when one of my girlfriends would burst out “I feel fat!” and we would look in shock at whomever uttered the admission and remind them feeling and being are two different things.

Feelings can be fraudulent. They can be liars. They can distract you from your true identity, your purpose, your place in the world, and hinder the impact you’re to have.

Feeling and being are two different things.

The Faithful are not Fraudulent.

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