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Gifting vs. Anointing

“Anyone can have a gift but anointing comes with a price” - Jerame Nelson

We are all gifted. We all have natural talents - that if we take the time to develop, to practice, to perfect they become part of us, a character trait or influence we unconsciously, or consciously, use in everyday life.

Our friend Serene is a gifted pianist - she spent hours and hours and hours - years - of her life playing, practicing, learning, refining her art to perform as she does - effortlessly. She comes from a musically gifted family, she had the genetic background and affinity toward music, melody, measure and song. She, most likely, picked up piano theory and composition easier than another who did not have the same makeup and background - but she still had to practice, develop and learn.

She has a gifting but with practice, time and effort it became an anointing. “Anyone can have a gift but anointing comes with a price” - Jerame Nelson

I think the same happens with our spiritual gifts. Some are more bent toward prophesy, some toward wisdom, some healing or words of knowledge. The more you practice, the more you spend time with the Gift Giver the more you receive. It becomes easier. It flows. It isn’t as scary or daunting.

How do you tell if it is a gifting vs. an anointing? Jereme Nelson puts it this way - if it is 100% all the time, everyday, always, it is an anointing. If it is in fits and starts and 50% at best, it is a gift.

How do we move from gifting to anointing? Time and Practice. Time with God. Time in his presence.Time abiding. Time. Time. Time. He anoints those he trusts. He anoints his friends.

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