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High Calling

“The way you think determines the world you will see.” - Justin Abrams

“I think you are mistaken as too who I am.”

Peter and Aslan stand on a bluff overlooking the battlefield, Cair Paravel, the great river and beyond. This… this, is a defining moment in Peter’s life. He is being challenged to see himself as Aslan regards him - as a king, not just any king, but High King of Narnia; the catalyst who would save the land from the White Witch.

The Narnian subjects, the animals, centaurs, fauns, naiads, dryads and trees all treated the two sons of Adam and the two daughters of Eve with the utmost respect and honor. They didn’t see children. They didn’t see inexperience or lack of sophistication - they recognized the fulfillment of an age old prophesy, a promise, of deliverance and emancipation.

“The way you think determines the world you will see” (Justin Abrams).

In reality, Peter WAS a boy. Peter WAS inexperienced. Peter WAS afraid and immature. But, he rose to the situation, put on his armor, mounted his unicorn, and led the battle. Others around him guided, coached, encouraged and supported him…as we are to do for the other nobility around us.

Others may not view me the way God does, but that doesn’t have to influence how I act, treat and perceive others. All sons of Adam and daughters of Eve are royalty in God’s house… and should be treated as such; whether they believe it or not.

Watching The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe with my daughter caused me to feel like Peter on that high headland. I am faced with the juxtaposition of who I REALLY am vs what my circumstances indicate.

I am royalty. God said so. Now, to think, act, and live this way… everyday. To rise to what God asks of me, even though uncertain and scared, unknown and unsure. To mentor, teach, train, embolden…to restore those around me.

A high calling indeed.

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