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Homefront or Frontline

Homefront or Frontline you are valued member of God’s family.

My passport is impressive; it has stamps, dates, extra pages. It is worn, has visa stickers and its cover is intact only because of its pink holder. For eight years international travel was a way of life and, at times, I was out of the country more than in… I LOVED it.

I adored experiencing new cultures, tasting unfamiliar and foreign to me foods, understanding the countries norms and customs. I was keenly observant and investigative. I felt each trip was an encyclopedia of knowledge in and of itself. Airports, custom centers, border officials, baggage claim, taxi’s, hotels, conference centers, meals, tourism… the same everywhere yet very, very, very different.

I miss it.

A lot.

I know God has me on the “home team” for the time being. My investment stateside is just as important and needed, I am not “less than” because I have stayed behind starting and raising a family. It is my season for planting and sowing into the next generation. I am at peace - but, in all honesty, seeing travel photos makes my heart lurch a bit.

King David had a home team - two, actually. I Samuel 30 talks about them. One contingent were those unable to raid, fight and conquer - namely, the women, children, aged and injured. The second set were warriors unable to travel due to exhaustion.

In verse 25 God’s heart for the home team, the protectors of provision, the defenders of home, the sowers of generational seed, is revealed: “…For as is the share of him who goes down into the battle, so shall his share be who stays by the provisions and supplies; they shall share alike.” David treated those who stayed behind, who stewarded, who policed the homefront, just as important as those who went to war.

Homefront or Frontline you are valued member of God’s family. We all have a part to play, to perform, to portray. Your position may change, your assignment may alter, but you are needed, important, and have a place. “…my power is made perfect in weakness…” (2 Corinthians 12:9) - the proper position may not always feel the finest, but will bring the most outstanding outcome.

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