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Trust the Insiders

September 2018 I went to Disneyland. It was a surreal experience; my last visit was almost 30 years previous... needless to say things had changed - A LOT.

I went with two Disney insiders. These ladies know the parks - really KNOW the parks (secret single rider line entrances, short cuts, best places to eat, when to hit what rides for the shortest wait times, where to line up for what ride to gain the best seat in the house, how to ask for what you need/want in order to gain the best result.) They are masters. They asked us what we wanted to get out of our Disney experience, nodded, said “ok”, and made it happen. I was in awe and followed like a good little Indian behind her chiefs.

Toward the late afternoon of the first day we were standing in the second bay, first line waiting to enter Soarin’ Around the World. Any insider would know this is where you need to be in order to obtain the best seats in the house. We had waited for these seats, missing a turn in order to get them. They were worth the wait. It was my absolute favorite experience of the entire trip. It moved me, stirred memories, involved all my senses and I had tears in my eyes by its end. I was hooked.

We went again, later, before we left the park for the evening, but had different seats (third bay, first line). The experience was still moving and impactful but not as immersive as the first. We were on the edge of the panoramic vs the center and so the optics were distorted, bent, curved. Don't get me wrong, it was still incredible - just not as much as my first time.

I learned a valuable lesson from this experience. Trust the insiders. It may not make sense in the moment, it may seem crazy, irrational, and nonsensical but go with their inkling and trust their lead. The two days I spent following these ladies around the parks I didn’t consult one map, pull up one review, or ask a park attendant one question (I muttered, “Nearest bathroom?” And one of them would point over their shoulder “back there 30 feet on the right” without even turning around). I just trusted and followed - and had an absolutely incredibly fun and adventurous time.

I was pondering this for weeks after I returned. Isn’t this like the Godhead with us? They are the insiders - they know EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. They have the most wisdom, knowledge and ability to see into the future to direct our steps. They know how to get the most out of an experience, what is best for us and like to set things up to make it happen - if we allow them the room and grace to do so. Trust the insiders. They will get you on the right ride, in the right seat, at the right time for the ride of your life.

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