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Points to Ponder

Last week I had some very vivid visions. I wanted to share highlights with you:

  • God has good in His heart for America (for the world) - but we need to meet Him. Healing is not a passive thing. 

  • He is calling his church to rise; rise in power and might. The time for quiet is over. 

  • Everyone’s walk with Him looks different; passions, talents, atmospheres and areas of influences differ. We are to bloom, grow, and influence where we are planted; shed light, spread perfume. 

  • He said: “Rise up. Sing. Declare. There is power in your praise, in your declaration, in your prayer. It is not ineffectual. It is powerful, effective, far reaching.” 

  • I admitted I often feel overwhelmed. There is a lot to pray for and about. He told me my prayer language is deadly and I am destroying more than I realize. He also confirmed praise is a lethal weapon in my arsenal.

  • I admitted I am trepidatious about the future. I know He is good, but the chaos and disorder unsettle me. He said it is normal to feel that way - discord, lawlessness, pandemonium, turmoil are not part of His Kingdom.

  • He said, “Much to some people’s dismay, Trump will be president again. He is my boy for this hour.” Boy? I respond. “Yes, he is growing in me, I have surrounded him with good advisors.”

  • He continued: “Seek my face in everything. Pray from heavenly places, from authority, from above, not below...” 

  • “It is important to control what your mind dwells upon. You influence and change atmospheres, and places, with your being. What influences you influences your surroundings. You are a conduit - you choose the source.”

  • “The time for healing my church is almost over. Some have become apathetic and lazy...The time for culling, cutting and discarding is coming. Hearts need to change, to choose. Middle of the road, foot in both camps ‘keeping peace’ theology will not survive the shaking.”

  • “Abide...Abide. Find your joy in me.” 

  • “Fight from rest and peace.”

  • “Humility is key. Serve others in their place of weakness and you will be empowered. Do what is set before you and no more.” 

  • “Guard your eyes and ears - return to me often.”

I hope the above brings you hope and provides a carillon call to praise and worship - to seek God for your personal prayer points and intercession avenues. As His church, His body, we need to band together, stand for righteousness, for purity, for life. Unity will bind us together and we will not be shaken. Unify around the unchanging, the eternal, the God of heaven and earth. Unify over what His heart calls for, asks and declares. Unify. Unify. Unify.  

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