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Rocky Mountain High

They made me feel so small, miniscule; my cares and worries a trifle, trivial and non-concerning. They were massive, not only in girth but in height. I was in absolute awe of their size and grandness. The Rocky Mountains are absolutely majestic.

We spent part of our vacation at Glacier National Park. We visited Lake McDonald, toured in the Red Bus, took a short hike up a creek but nature kept us from summiting… there was a depth of over 80 feet of snow blocking the road.

I stood at the base of these Herculean, mammoth, imposing monoliths and gaped in wonder and admiration. The thought “God is BIGGER…” kept running through my head. “God is MUCH bigger.”

“What troubles can’t I solve Dena? What is bigger than me? What is more powerful, loving, kind and gentle than me?”

Nothing. Nothing God. Nothing.

(Perspective recalibrated.)

It was a welcome relief to escape from the day to day rut I had found myself in, matters and uncertainty left by the wayside for a moment. As I breathed the chilled air, smelled the pine and smiled at birdsong I remembered who He is and who I am. A child - a protected, favored, loved, cherished, adored child. He calls me to abide and walk and he will lead, instruct, demonstrate what, when and how to do life, the next step, decisions…

I found myself comforted, peace filled. Completely content.

As we drove back into the Seattle area I could feel the atmosphere shift into one of confrontation, uncertainty, angst, disunity, irritation, anger… I fought to maintain hold of the peace I had found; the truth demonstrated and practiced a the base of those incredible creations of God. To be honest, I daily engage in a mental battle choosing peace vs hurry, distraction, frustration, irritation, anger or fear. Sometimes I loose. But, most times I win and the ick around me bows to the superior kingdom I espouse. Peace trumps agitation. Kindness overcomes anger. Gratitude defeats irritation. Listening impedes arguments. Love demolishes fear.

The challenge for me is to remember, to recall, and to still myself long enough to recollect the lesson of the Rockies…He is able, always and forever able.

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