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Ruined for Normal

A cancelled flight and messed up logistics changed my friends life.

Stranded in Indonesia, he, at first, was frustrated, irritated and disheartened; he could do nothing, change nothing… and found himself sidelined, inept, and out of sorts. After a short pity party he resolved to use his time for God’s purposes in the mostly muslim country.

He positioned himself for divine encounters. He prayed and asked where he should spend his day, who he should look for/interact with. The result - incredible testimonies! Stories about who he met, conversations, conversions and the miraculous.

Eventually, he flew home and entered back into everyday life. One morning he awoke feeling something akin to depression. The divine appointments dried up, the miracles abated, and he felt distant from God. He missed the “mission field”.

He craved the adventure, the excitement, the partnering and acting alongside God - his life was ruined for “normal”. He was changed. He pledged to live his life intentionally - running alongside God.

HIs testimony challenges me. My calendar is packed - homeschooling, co-op, swim lessons, choir, piano lessons, grocery shopping, laundry, helping, aiding, assisting, serving, hosting, hospitality, cooking… where, how, does God join me? How do I slow, lean in and listen? Where is the still small voice? Can I even hear it with the hurry and hustle surrounding me?

The answer is No. I need to be intentional. I need to pursue. I need to BE STILL and KNOW. I have to make a choice - rut running where I can go fast and be incredibly productive, or intentional living where I connect and can make a divine difference. The choice is mine… ours.

Lord, help me to choose you over productivity, usefulness, or success. Help me to respond to your voice and act, to be bold and courageous. Help me live missionally, to expect the unexpected, the divine, to invade my everyday rut of routine.

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