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Starting Line

For some Pentecost 2020 was disappointing. Nothing “dramatic” happened; no tongues of fire, no rushing wind. God met them, they felt His presence, but they wanted the “more” and it did not appear as expected. 

I went on a walk and asked God about it - he said “Watch what I am doing, not what I have done. This will be different. This will be bigger. This will be done in the going, the doing; not the sitting and waiting.” I felt we are to start acting like the church, the ecclesia, and start moving toward harvest and we will be emboldened. His first wave has arrived. His first wave is working, cleaning, clearing the way for us to walk. The second wave is coming. Prepare your hearts, minds and concentrate yourselves; it is on its way.

I feel Pentecost 2020 is the Starting Line. It has been crossed and we are now in Harvest Phase - John 4:35 - “...Look, I say to you, raise your eyes and look at the fields and see, they are white for harvest.” 

Pentecost 2020 was a marker of sorts, a reference point in history; a line in the sand. We will look back and say “and that is when everything changed.”

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