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4th of July weekend, Independence Day, America’s Holiday, summer fun… in Lake Tahoe (cue blissful sigh). For several years I helped run an annual conference located in the gorgeous Northern California mountains for 350+ out of town travelers plus 100 or so day / local attendees. The schedule was packed – river rafting, jet skiing, hiking, concerts, worship sessions, speakers, dances, small groups and fellowship times. It was a fun-filled fabulous four day experience all set in the breath taking beauty only an alpine environment can provide.

Most of the time I am not a big picture person – I love the little details, the fine-tuning, the tweaking…I like taking care of a few trees vs. an entire orchard. When I helped run the Tahoe Retreat I tended the trees of registration, administration and logistics. Others engaged to take care of the outdoor activities, speakers, dances, concert artists, worship sessions, city leadership, recruitment, hospitality, etc.

During the planning phase I needed to be in direct contact with the team lead on a daily basis; and, as the event approached I needed to check-in constantly. He had the big picture; he could see the entire orchard from where he stood and knew what was / wasn’t happening, who was / wasn’t doing what, when.

One year, two days before the event, I received a phone call. It was the team lead. He just had heard from the activities coordinator the river was too low for rafting, the dance instructors had cancelled, and the orienteering guide still had not confirmed. Oh my – several trees under attack! A lot of prayer and sleepless hours followed strategizing a recovery for the blighted copse.

Long story short, the work-arounds were amazing and the event was one of the best we ever produced - and the attendees were none the wiser!

This experience taught me a lot, and per usual, I turned inward. I thought about God as the orchard owner. God loves to teach and delegate; to let us go and do. He loves to empower and release us into our assignment. He loves to guide, direct, and help us implement. And constant communication is a must for a success.

God is good; all the time. He is a good boss and is the best manager in the universe. You are welcome to join his staff anytime – there are always open positions.

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