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Thirty Second Renewal

I read Ephesians 2:1 and was stopped after 5 words. “And his fullness fills you” (TPT). His presence, his life, his breath, his being, FILLS me… if I let it. If I concede. If I surrender. If I allow. If, if, if…

There are a lot of ifs… if I am not busy, if I am not distracted, if I am not mentally taxed, if I am not __________(fill in the blank). Being mindful is the secret. If I am mindful, if my attention turns toward, remains and abides with him I am full; full of good stuff, full of joy, full of strength, wonder and amazement. If…

Honestly, I do great in the morning… somewhat rested, refreshed. But by 4:00pm I am not so mindful and attentive to heaven’s agenda and atmosphere. I can be short, snippy, and not so pleasant to be around. I have lost connection and am operating out of my strength vs. His.

Bathrooms have become my place of restoration. Close the door, close my eyes and breathe. Suck in the “Yah”, exhale the “Weh”. Crying out to him through breath…recalibration occurs. Thirty second rest and renewal; reacquainting my soul with heaven’s atmosphere and culture. I emerge physically in the same place but my spirit has had a jump start and my soul is in check.

How do you reset? How do you bring peace amidst difficulty and tension? What is your thirty second protocol of renewal?

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