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You Get What You Came For in full expectancy - not because of what you do - but because of who HE is...

Eddie is amazing. He mentors high school kids, lives intentionally, has an everyday evangelistic lifestyle, oozes integrity, honors his new wife in incredible ways and has memorized a lot of the New Testament. He is also very prophetic - he is “in tune” with God. He inspires me. All. The. Time.

We had a group of kids over and Eddie casually says to me: “I felt the Spirit saying to me: ‘You get what you came for.’"

Bomb dropped, he moved on to whatever kid needed his attention and the next activity on the itinerary. I, on the other hand, pondered his statement:

  • When I interface with God, what am I really coming for? Peace? Acceptance? Indwelling? Infilling? Direction? Insight?

  • When I take time to pray, what do I think will happen? Am I expectant? Am I doubtful? Am I ticking boxes? Am I expecting an answer or just talking, talking, talking? Do I listen?

  • When I sit and wait upon the Lord what am I anticipating? His presence? An encounter? Warm fuzzies? A word?

  • When I open my Bible what am I anticipating? Revelation? Answers? A good story? A Shazam moment?

  • Am I expecting God to speak to me? Or am I just going through the motions? Daily quiet time - Check.

A poignant reminder - live in full expectancy - not because of what I do, but because of who HE is. He is good and will meet his kids where they are.

"You get what you came for."

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