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Covenant Clarified

As I was falling asleep one night I asked God what “covenant” looked like and I immediately saw a picture of three plastic bags - snack, quart and gallon sized. It was like a movie - the snack baggie slid into the quart sized then the two slipped into the gallon bag and it was sealed; three were one but still separate entities.

I was super sleepy at this point “I think I understand…”

“I’m not done. Melt the plastic.”


“Melt the plastic.”

I got up out of bed, assembled the three bags as I saw in the vision and with parchment paper and an iron I melted the plastic.

“Now, try and separate them.”

I could not.

The verse in John became abundantly clear “… I am in the Father, you are in Me, and I am in you…” (14:20) We are one. He can NEVER leave me. We are combined. He can NEVER forsake me. We are fused. He can NEVER abandon me. We are integrated. He can NEVER forget me. We are merged, sealed, unified.

“This is covenant.”

Melted. Combined. Fused. Integrated. Merged. Sealed. Unified. There is no leaving. We are “in”. If we try to withdraw it tears, rips, and destroys.

This is the secret of Christian life. There is no separation, disconnect, detachment, gap or split - only in our perception, mindset and thinking.

I was awake for a long time that night.

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