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Rest = Growth

Last Sunday I was chatting with Emily's Sunday school teacher and she said something profound: "We only grow if we rest." She was mainly concerned with the kids getting enough sleep but I (of course) extrapolated it into he spiritual. I can not grow unless I rest... rest in Him... rest from worry, anxiety, fret, stress, and striving. I can only develop, mature, advance, expand and/or increase if I still myself and know HIM. This, honestly, has been very difficult in days of late... I scurry, hurry, and dash between one thing and the next. I strive to be completely present in the moment, not thinking, planning, coordinating "next" in my head - running lists, to do's, organizing. It is an act of sheer will power to still myself and connect with God and not be distracted by errant thoughts, phone messages, heart concerns, or to do's.

How do you rest? When? How do you make time, a place, for Him?

I am curious. I want to know. I need to make some changes.

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