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When I last went to Disneyland my favorite ride was “Soaring”. Gondola type seating takes you up and you “fly” over the African plain while warm dry air buffs your face and you inhale the scent of warm dust, then India with the humidity and perfume of jasmine washing over you...flying, soaring, dipping and turning as a bird in flight. Playing on the winds and breeze. It took my breath away. I had traveled to many of these places and the sensory memory and recall was overwhelming. I was in tears and speechless.

I was pondering some items for my website and it was becoming arduous instead of fun, work instead of wonder. I felt God tell me to look up over the lake and saw birds soaring, playing, having fun in the breeze. They were working, hunting for fish, but having a great time doing it. It was effortless. It was beautiful to observe.

“Do likewise” I heard in my head. “Catch my breeze, my breath, and soar.” Um, ok. HOW?! “Go back to where you were in wonder, in awe, deep in my presence. Find me again. My yoke is easy and my burden light. Do not strive. Arrive in me; work with me. It is a lot more fun” Then he winks, does a dance step and disappears.

I repented (again) of going ahead of his timing; of pushing to the next thing instead of marinating and waiting for his directive to move, to shift. I wasn’t soaring. I was stuck. I repented for adhering to a man made timeline and directive and my sense of urgency vs. Gods timing and directive.

Have you ever raced ahead? Have you ever felt stuck and frustrated? What did you do about it? What was the answer to your predicament? How did you soar again?

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